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False teeth replaced by fixed bridge

A 92 years old Anna had suffered from missing teeth for years. She was fed up with poor fitting dentures and all the issues that come with them including pain, ulcers, trouble to eat and digestive issue. She wanted to be able to enjoy eating again and smile confidently.

A fixed denture supported by dental implants changed her life. She couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Congratulations Anna!!!

Dental implants and porcelain crowns

This lady had suffered from missing teeth for years. She didn’t like the way her smile looked and it was difficult to eat. She also had a bridge that dislocated and that caused embarrassment. She wanted to be able to enjoy eating again and have an attractive smile.

Dental implants to replace her missing teeth and new aesthetic porcelain crowns worked magic. Now this beautiful lady has a beautiful smile to match.

Clear Orthodontic Aligner

Composite veneer

This patient was prepared to address her gapped teeth but ruled out braces as a viable option. In response, we presented her with a digital simulation demonstrating the potential outcome achieved by using fillings to close the gaps. The mockup result, a “smile test drive,” greatly appealed to her. 

Convinced and assured by the visual representation, she eagerly embraced the prospect of the actual treatment to bring about the desired changes.Therefore, we chose a less invasive restoration approach suitable for a young individual. We utilized tooth-colored fillings to close the gaps and reshape the teeth.

Composite filling

This young lady approached us seeking assistance to address a fractured tooth. The injury occurred when she slipped down a waterfall, hitting her mouth on a rock and breaking her front tooth. In addition to feeling deeply saddened by the incident, she had the added challenge of attending her best friend’s wedding the next day.

Teeth whitening

The appearance of teeth plays a significant role in how people perceive themselves. Individuals with discolored teeth may feel dissatisfied, concerned, or embarrassed about smiling, leading to negative self-perceptions and potential impacts on their overall quality of life.

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